Cathy Oakely Anilos Woman

"There are few things I enjoy more than dressing up outrageously for a night on the town with my husband. One, is sex. And two, is having sex with myself on camera. Now, I get to combine two out of three!" Cathy Oakely is a 42 year old blonde sex kitten from Essex, in the UK - and she's shooting for Anilos for her absolute first ever modeling job! She sat us down in her living room when she went to get ready for her night out! When she returned, she was wearing a sexy headband in her blonde hair, a pretty choker necklace, a long black cocktail dress, and matching satin black gloves. We aren't speechless very often, but, seeing Cathy dolled up and ready to turn some heads has definitely left us that way.

She smiles as she says, "you think that's hot? Wait until you see what I have on underneath!" Cathy unzips her dress and lets it fall down off her body, and onto the floor. She's wearing a teal and black matching lingerie set under, complete with thigh high black stockings and sexy black high heels. She sits down on the arm of her couch, and lets the straps of her bustier fall off her shoulders, moving the top down slightly so her perky mature boobs and sexy hard nipples are full exposed. Her sheer panties are driving us wild, giving us a sneak peek of what we've been waiting for!

She lets her panties drop, and turns around, straddling the couch. She gives us a naughty, over the shoulder smile, breasts still exposed. She plays with her hard nipple for a second, then slowly moves her hand down along the curves of her body, rubbing and stimulating every sensual part of her. She pushes two fingers down into her stocking, leaving her wedding ring exposed to us! "My husband wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I'm in charge of what I do! He's warmed up to it now though, he said he's going to masturbate to the pictures when they come out!" Cathy's ass is just as beautiful as her pussy, if not even better. She is fully shaved everywhere, and always begging to be touched. She proceeds to masturbate in doggy style position, then switches it up, until she cums hard, yet again! Her orgasms are more intense, and sexier than anyone could even imagine! Find out for yourself at the premier site for sexy mature women -®.

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