Cathy Oakely Blonde Anilos

If she hadn't told us, we would have no idea that this was Cathy Oakely's first time ever modeling! This gorgeous blonde from the UK is a natural in front of the camera, and adores taking her clothes off! "I love my body! What's not to love? Many women dread passing 40, but I'm happy to be my age! I finally feel like a real woman, not just a girl! I know exactly what I like, and I have to say, I know how to please a man as well. Until you hit a certain age, you don't know what is guaranteed to work, and what isn't!" Well, everything about this little spit fire definitely works for us! Cathy is wearing a blue and white patterned dress, lacy white panties, and matching white fishnets. She grabs a polaroid camera and snaps a photo for herself, "for the photo album!" she giggles. She puts the camera down on her bed, and stands up to remove her dress. She reveals a sexy matching white bra and garter belt. She snaps another picture with her polaroid camera, this time of her sexy navy blue high heels. Then, she stands up and removes her white bra, letting us admire her perfect mature tits. She wiggles out of her white panties then quickly runs to the coffee table and opens the small drawer on it. She shuffles some things around until she looks back at us devilishly. "Look what I found!" she says as she turns around and reveals a blue vibrator. Cathy turns it on, and starts rubbing it over her tits and nipples. She brings the sex toy to her mouth, licks it a few times, demonstrating her perfect blow job skills. Cathy slowly runs the toy down her body again, but this time continues until she reaches her yearning pussy. She holds it right on top of her clit, allowing the vibrations to just almost bring her to a full orgasm. Right before she reaches climax, she slips the toy inside of her, and her body trembles in complete ecstasy. She lets out a gasp and then continues to breath heavily until she removes the toy, her face beaming in happiness. See this entire sexy photo set, and video - along with that of hundreds of smoking hot mature women - only at®.

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